A Phoenix Yet in Flames    87 x 123 cm, Embroidery, beading and applique on mixed material   A phoenix sits on a skull, its tail afire, about to burst into light. A lone goose, bereft of mate or flock is mourning, a woman hides in the foliage. A scene of tragedy, loss, and hidden secrets.
  A New Perspective    133 x 119 cm, Embroidery, tufting and appliqué on mixed material    
  Girl Mad as Birds    270 x 437 cm, Embroidery, beading and acrylic paint appliqué on mixed material       'A stranger has come To share my room in the house not right in the head, A girl mad as birds    Bolting the night of the door with her arm her plume. Strait in the mazed bed She deludes the heaven-proof house with entering clouds'    from Love in the Asylum- Dylan Thomas   Inspired by the Welsh goddess Rhiannon from The Mabinogion, with her three magic birds, and her enchanted horse. Blodeuwedd the owl captures the man who cursed her. Referencing the old folk song 'Silver Dagger', alluding to the 'dagger' as the silver needle, stitching together a portrait of a face, as if through embroidering, the girl is able to see an image of herself unfold.
 Full image coming soon    Under Milk Wood    130 x 161 cm, Embroidery, beading and applique on mixed material   Inspired by Dylan Thomas and his flamboyant characters from his 'play for words' Under Milk Wood. Her blouse is made from a digital print of a traditional Welsh blanket. This fake version of a traditional Welsh material suggests an elusive nostalgia for the past.
 PROCESSIONS 2018: Commissioned as lead artist in community project as part of a mass participation artwork with Artichoke for Oriel Myrddin Gallery, March-June 2018